“Tomorrow’s Digital Leaders are Bold, Ambitious, Innovative and Empathic”

Simon Chan is the Founder of DigiVue Consulting. A professional services firm with 21st century ideas.

Simon is a leader and influencer with a winner’s mindset. A digital strategist with a computer science and economics background, his understanding of culture and the behavioural sciences such as psychology, sociology and philosophy set him apart as an innovator and writer.

With a breadth and depth of knowledge and a unique ability to breakdown complexity to mainstream audiences, he enjoys diagnosing and fixing broken systems, solving complex problems and building high performance, self managing teams to create 21st Century solutions. He also has a passion for building digital communities and connecting to changemakers and innovators through his writing. In just over 12 months, he has amassed over 40k followers across LinkedIn and Twitter.

He is a hands-on Change and Transformation specialist who doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. A professionally qualified Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager with a proven track record of international enterprise digital transformation delivery and many recommendations.

Simon has also provided Programme directorship and CxO advisory on Transformation initiatives involving Omni-Channel, Social Media, Cloud Transition (SaaS,PaaS,IaaS), Business Process Management, ERP, CRM, HCM, DevOps and Cyber-Security. He has worked in across different industries in Financial Services, Retail, Commercial Property, Telecommunications, Aviation and Non-profit.

Simon believes in a lean and no-nonsense consulting approach inspired by agile methods, systems thinking, marginal gains and the cynefin framework. His style is dynamic but empathic and collaborative, with an emphasis on building communities, networks and long term relationships with stakeholders, getting an in depth understanding of their needs, so that the right solution can be found