AI Tech World 2017 in London

Are you tired of BS about Artifical Intelligence from people who don’t know what they are talking about? Me too. I was at AI Tech 2017 in London to talk to the experts.

Key takeaways:

1. When questioned on the impact of AI on Humans, the experts unanimously agreed that the technology is about augmentation and freeing up people to do relationship management

2. The future of AI is in human hands. Anti-social elements will only be able to use this against #TeamHuman, if employees and customers (The 99%) let them do this by buying their products and services

3. Most current AI applications centre around pattern recognition across large datasets and using them to make decisions

4. AI still has a long to go before it can replace a human brain. Neural Nets are still very crude models and only as good as the data that goes into them

5. AI is BAD at transfer learning

6. Jobs roles WILL change. Maybe up to 40%. Jay Jesyasingam talked about using the the Dangerous, Dirty, Dull paradigm for finding processes where it makes business sense to automate. Prepare Now.

7. Some AI is downright creepy. Did you know, there is a company scanning all your pictures on the internet for information about YOU so that they can sell to companies?

8. Ironman beats Terminator #TeamHuman survives!

“Knowledge is power, but bad information is dangerous, costly and misleading” 

One of the reasons I have found a niche here on LinkedIn – With over 30 years experience in Information Technology, I CAN tell the difference

There are many opinions being written on social and mainstream media about technology subjects, particularly in the area Artificial Intelligence which is at the peak of inflated expectations

I was delighted to hear from dedicated professionals in this field and I was particularly impressed with:

Charlotte Han – Enterpise Marketing, AI and Deep Learning at NVidia

Michael Mrini – Director of IT at Edwardian Group

Mark Skilton – Professor of IS and Innovation, Warwick Business School

David Low – Principal Evangelist, Amazon Alexa