The Carillion Debacle – A Catasrophic Failure

As the experts dissect the wreckage of the Carillion debacle which has put almost 50,000 jobs worldwide, 1000’s of sub contractors and Millions of service users at risk, for me the first thought is the untold human pain and suffering which will result from the reckless actions of a few.

This was also a story about networking. Closed networking. Exclusive Relationships that perpetuate Monopolies and Oligopolies by outsourcing strategic advice, decisions and corporate governance into familiar hands. Outsourcing of core services is seldom for the common good as Individuals stand to gain much I feel this maybe a WATERSHED moment where people actually start to realise that cultural change will not come unless they take action themselves.

You cannot rely on others to do the right thing. They WON’T.

Moving forward, for me, The warning signs are always three fold:

No Strategy – A lack of transparency about long-term strategy to employees. Are leaders open about the long term? Or is this a well kept secret?

No Boardroom Diversity – Does your company have a technology expert looking at corporate governance? Why not?

No Growth – Do you feel your company is going nowhere fast and very little is being done?

Time to start asking questions.