The Companies Driving Digital Transformation: Twilio and Jeff Lawson

Which companies are driving #digitaltransformation? Everybody has heard of unicorns like Airbnb, Uber and WhatsApp but their phenomenal growth stories would not have been possible without a modern communications infrastructure. I got to spend the day yesterday with the Twilio team who were in London for their Signal developer conference.

A company founded in 2008, they provide cloud based text and voice communications technology and the building blocks which make great customer experiences possible. But you’ve never heard of them? No. A lot of people haven’t. But do you know who created the pipes for the plumbing in your house?  Well, Twilio provide the digital plumbing for Uber, Air BnB and WhatsApp. Twilio is also a unicorn in its own right, having IPO’d in 2016.

They are pioneers in the API (Application Programming Interface) economy. They are a company with a unique business model, placing their faith in the vision of software developers. They also have a unique culture and a great bunch of people, which was a delight to experience. It was also a real privilege to meet the person behind this vision, Co-Founder and CEO of Jeff Lawson. A man who was named by Forbes as the “The Wizard of Apps”.  Now do we have your attention?

It was a pleasure to meet Jeff and attend Signal 2017 in London. Full highlights of the event here: