Customer First, Employee Second, Shareholder third : Jack Ma

CEO announces his “groundbreaking” business philosophy to the world at his company’s IPO (Initial Public Offering)

CEO: Our philosophy is customer first, employee second, shareholder third Investor: If I knew that, I would not have invested in your company. Always put your shareholders first!

CEO: Please, sell your shares! There is too much money in the world. We only want investors that believe in our vision and mission Investor: But this is not how the stock market works

CEO: If your customer is happy and employee is happy, then shareholders will also be happy. Think this is a pipedream? Think again.

This man now leads one of the biggest companies in the world which is growing at over 40 percent year on year. He is leading the customer revolution.  He is also from China.  The internet is changing the world and #TeamHuman values are right at the centre. THIS IS #DigitalTransformation.

Watch the whole inspirational video here: