The Fintech earthquake of 2017

2017 will be known as the year that Fintech started to be taken seriously.

FinTech stands for Financial Technology and was originally used by traditional financial institutions to refer to any innovation to back office processes.

In 2018 it will define an entirely new 21st century financial services sector that uses technology to create entirely new apps, processes, products and business models.

Fintech made such huge strides in 2017 that banks are now scrambling to headhunt talent. With a huge shortage of experts, the battleground will be fierce

My Fintech picks for 2017 were as follows:

#Monzo – The bright coral coloured card is the must-have Fintech accessory. I got mine in February. My first impressions were so good I recommended this to all family and friends. They love it. I now send them money in less than 5 seconds

#AtomBank – After getting fed up with 0.1% interest, I moved my cash savings and now get 2.1%

#Transferwise – From the people who built Skype. Big banks charge big bucks for international transfers. They don’t.

#Revolut – A bank account in different currencies for free? Yes please

#Bitcoin – enough said

Who should you follow in 2018 for Fintech? John Patrick Mullin, Michael Spencer, Nazareth Qarbozian and of course, me 🙂