Killing Marketing: Pulizzi and Rose

We’ve had Recruitment is dead, Is it now time to kill Marketing too? One thing is for sure, Digital Disruption is forcing big businesses to change their operating models by channeling their hard earned profits into new areas such as Recruitment Marketplaces and now Influencer Marketing Marketing has traditionally been about the glamour – the big budgets, the billboards, the TV commercials, the glossy magazines, the junkets and the conferences. Now we are seeing individuals with nothing but laptop and a broadband connection, generating the same amount of brand awareness with zero budget. What’s changed?

My friend Aaron Orendorff, Content Marketer and Forbes Top 25 Marketing Influencer describes the following trends:

1) Traditional marketing results are declining

2) It’s not about the dollars, it is about generating trust

3) Disruption marketing (pop up ads, TV commercials) is being disrupted itself. In a world of “busy” and “time is money”, your audience will take offence to being disturbed

4) Content IS the product, It begins with the audience’s needs, wants, problems, and desires. Rather than divert attention, good content capitalizes on it.

5) The rise of social media marketing over direct marketing 

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“Killing Marketing” is a book by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose: