20th Century Management Consulting has become the go to option for one thing. Outsourcing. Here’s the thing about Outsourcing. It favours an approach called #balancesheeteconomics

A zero-sum game. Where there are a few winners and lots of losers. If you live in the western world you will be all too familiar how this is playing out. The majority are losers.

The toxic political environment is no accident. It has been shaped by those who have used this strategy again and again, even in situations where it makes no economic sense.  Yet, no one seems to be able to stop this slow motion crash.

And the ironic thing? When it comes to making big changes, Outsourcing is ineffective at best, and at worst it can backfire badly. By this time, those responsible will be long gone.

When companies want to increase revenue or maximise efficiency, and they bring in management consultants that claim expertise in CHANGE, they could be putting their entire organizations at risk. In this role, outsourcing has a huge failure rate; almost 70% of these ideas FAIL.

This is well documented “You want the truth?, You can’t handle the truth!!!” Col Nathan Jessop, A Few Good Men

So we need another approach. A 21st Century one Read the Greek Tragedy of Outsourcing https://lnkd.in/dDGdaaR