Recommended: Introducing Dr Richard Claydon

The POWER of LinkedIn! 

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the entire afternoon with someone who in my opinion, is one of foremost thought leaders on 21st Century Organizational Behaviour in the world – Dr. Richard Claydon

Richard blogs regularly here on LinkedIn about workplace matters that few talk about on social media, but with a candour that many can relate to.

He has covered topics such as:

1. Bullying and Toxicity in the workplace

2. The effect of fear and anxiety on productivity

3. How KPIs and Measurement create disengagement

4. The dangers of Psychopathic leadership

5. Why many companies do not live up to culture and values 

6. Why current HR and recruitment strategies fail to find the right people.

Richard is normally based in Hong Kong but we made it happen, at the home of the Beatles in Liverpool! It was great to be able to compare notes with him over a couple of beers. As change becomes a constant due to #digitaltransformation.

Areas such a managing complexity within organizations, building culture and high performing teams, will be in high demand.  I’m delighted to announce that I will be supporting Richard on his journey as he launches a series of masterclasses, which will help leaders to tackle the issues and build capabilities in these areas.