Recommended: Mastering Digital Strategy – Kevin Adema

Digital Transformation is like an evolving jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces (the tech) constantly changing along with the final picture (the vision)

When Kevin Adema asked me to review his Mastering Digital Strategy program, it was an opportunity for me to tap into his 20 years of brand marketing experience. It helped me to bring clarity to one of the pieces of the jigsaw, the customer If you are a business leader and not seeing the growth you expect from Marketing, it may be that your team is still doing things the old way.

You may have heard that “customer expectations have changed” but have you found any educational material that explains this shift succinctly?

Kevin’s program explains the mechanics behind the shift through the lens of an agency/consultant, providing clear guidance on the mindset change required It bridges the knowledge gap by:

1) Showing how connection can be built between customer and brand in a digital world

2) Providing a framework and tools that are simple to apply

3) Describing how you can achieve competitive advantage and growth

According to Forrester, 2018 will be all about Chief Growth Officers rather than CMOs. This program, for me, is as a great place to start the transformation.

I have been extremely impressed with Kevin’s clarity of messaging, enthusiasm and knowledge in which is an area which is seeing much uncertainty and change.

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