Resolutions for 2018

In 2017, I was reading, writing, observing and digesting what has been going on here on LinkedIn, like any good Business Analyst would do. I have spotted some opportunities. Gaps that need to be filled. People that need to be inspired.  But Strategy isn’t just about talk and a document. It’s about taking a stance, a market-view on the current situation and providing some analysis on where you think it should be. Then you have to follow this up with planning and most important, execution.

Some things I am looking forward to in 2018:

1. The launch of my blog site.  I have put all my posts, articles, recommendations on one site so you can access it all.

2. Digital Transformation using AI.  An exclusive interview with a Chief Executive who has actually delivered on this vision. I get to the bottom of how he achieved it.

3. A deep dive into the Blockchain.  I will even create my own crypto currency to understand the architecture of distributed apps and if the hype is justified.

4. Bringing #TeamHuman to life.  It has always been a vision of mine to create a network and bring together people who believe in human potential and performance.

To bring the sense of culture and community back into the workplace. I’m excited by the opportunities for 2018. Let’s make it happen!