The #BookStack

My connections and followers regularly ask me “How do you write so much content? You are like a machine” ūü§Ė

Like my friend¬†Oleg Vishnepolsky¬†revealed, The truth is there is no secret. I don’t have a team of social media writers or an AI bot that curates content for me.¬†

I just read. A LOT. More than the average.¬† In 2017, i set myself the target of reading a book a week. That’s 52 books in a year. I achieved this with months to spare.¬†

With the help of Kindle and Audible, it is more achievable than you think.  Think of all that time you spend commuting, watching TV, reading junk newspapers which are only good for wrapping up fish and chips. It can be put to good use. 

Here are some of my favourites in 2017 and that is just some of the physical ones ūüôā Happy Reading in 2018! #BookStack

And a special shout out to some of my content demon friends from across the pond: Aaron Orendorff, Michael Spencer, Brett S. Brody „ÉĄ¬†and Josh Fechter. These guys are prolific.¬†